Unit 2: My country and its political and climate division

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Mind map Unit 2 Project 1

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Unit 2: My country and its political and climate division
  1. Culture
    1. Follow rules of the classroom
      1. Develop pluricultural understanding
        1. Accept other opinions and ideas
          1. Respect each other
          2. Cognition
            1. • Provide learners with opportunities to understand the key concepts and apply them in different contexts.
              1. Final outcome
                1. "Green and red circles"
                2. • Enable students to identify different climates and provinces in our country
                  1. • Arouse learner curiosity and creative use of the language.
                    1. Produce sentences
                      1. "Green and red circles"
                      2. Vocabulary building, using and learning
                        1. Glossary
                          1. Sentences
                            1. Answering questions
                            2. Recognize geographical areas and characteristics
                              1. Map
                                1. "Los Peques"
                                2. Identify region and climate of their home city
                                  1. Make predictions
                                    1. Thermometer experiment
                                  2. Content
                                    1. Different climate types in Argentina
                                      1. Climate where I live
                                        1. What’s the weather like in our city?
                                          1. What’s the weather like in different provinces of our country?
                                          2. Communication
                                            1. Language of learning
                                              1. Key vocabulary and phrases
                                                1. Countries
                                                  1. Provinces
                                                    1. Climates
                                                      1. Regions
                                                        1. Northwest
                                                          1. Pampas
                                                            1. Patagonia
                                                              1. Gran Chaco
                                                                1. Mesopotamia
                                                                  1. Cuyo
                                                                2. Language for learning
                                                                  1. Comparing and contrasting
                                                                    1. Classifying
                                                                      1. Working in groups
                                                                        1. Describing
                                                                          1. "The climate in... is..."
                                                                            1. "The video shows..."
                                                                            2. Giving opinions
                                                                              1. "I think they are in... because..."
                                                                            3. Language through learning
                                                                              1. Possible vocabulary and expressions emerging through learning
                                                                                1. Teacher's feedback
                                                                                  1. Distinguish language needed to carry out activities
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