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November Goals


Sana Hadidi
Mind Map by Sana Hadidi, updated more than 1 year ago
Sana Hadidi
Created by Sana Hadidi over 6 years ago

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November Goals
  1. 10hrs of driving with the instructur
    1. Theory test before Christmas
    2. Lose 2.5 kg
      1. find pic of black&white striped dress
        1. Shama's song
          1. go Ice Skating
            1. Read 'the' book
              1. Read the Prophet's biography
              2. be on top of biology AS revision and C3 revision
                1. Complete Personal statement
                2. Adult drawing in/ oil paint something
                  1. Badminton
                    1. 9 days of fasting
                      1. organize the 'Me' boxes
                        1. DAILY PP TRACKER
                          1. Revise at Starbucks
                            1. Walk to the LRC to revise
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