States in Matter

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States in Matter solid liquid gas gas

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States in Matter
  1. Solid
    1. It have deffinet shape
      1. Have deffinet volum
        1. The particols are very close togetrher
          1. Examples
            1. Sand
              1. Rocks
                1. Wood
            2. Liquids
              1. Do not have deffinet shape
                1. It have deffine volume
                  1. They are a littel separet
                    1. Examples
                      1. Water
                        1. Milk
                          1. Blood
                      2. Gas
                        1. The particles are separed
                          1. They dont have deffinet shape and volume
                            1. Examples
                              1. Air
                                1. Helium
                                  1. Water vapor
                                2. Particles can move past one another
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