Veronica revision mindmap

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A Mind map showing key aspects of the short story Veronica from the Edexcel Anthology. The embedded quizzes and flashcards allow learners to text their knowledge and understanding of the text.

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Veronica revision mindmap
  1. Context
    1. Nigeria
      1. Political
        1. Part of a collection of stories exploring the consequences of political corruption and social inequalities for ordinary Nigerians.
          1. Author is political activist, speaks out against government corruption in Nigeria
        2. Civil War
          1. Result of politics
            1. Ordinary Nigerians are the victims
          2. Themes


            1. Urban - vs- Rural
              1. Tradition -vs-modernity
                1. poverty - vs- wealth
                2. Education
                  1. As an esacpe
                    1. A Privilege
                      1. Male preserve
                        1. Knowledge = power
                        2. Self determination
                          1. Okeke takes his opportunities
                            1. He thrives & succeeds
                              1. He escapes
                            2. Veronica rejects her opportunities
                              1. Remains trapped
                                1. impoverished
                                  1. suffers
                                    1. Dies
                                      1. Her choice
                                        1. Her fault
                          2. Style and language features


                            1. First person narrator
                              1. Limited viewpoint
                                1. Okeke
                                  1. Male
                                    1. Educated
                                      1. Powerful
                                    2. Retrospective
                                      1. Relies on Okeke's memories
                                        1. Hindsight
                                        2. Dialogue
                                          1. Veronica shown as uneducated
                                            1. Has an intuitive intelligence which comes from experience
                                              1. Makes Okeke seem niave
                                            2. Okeke shown as progressive
                                              1. Offers Veronica a way out
                                                1. Seems idealistic
                                                  1. Semms younger than Veronica
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