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My mind map on databases

Resource summary

  1. Work
    1. School registers
      1. School
      2. Restaurants booked seats
        1. Argos stock checker
          1. When things run out in shops
          2. Criminel records
            1. Employees who work there
              1. Shops
                1. Xbox/Playstion
                  1. Work shiths
                    1. Databases are mainly used at jobs because they make life easier.
                      1. Advantages/disadvantages
                        1. These are useful because it keeps track what's happend and happening at the work.
                          1. These might not work because at a work it is limeted to people.
                            1. Quicker to update.
                          2. Personal
                            1. Microsoft accounts
                              1. Vets
                                1. History
                                  1. Banks
                                    1. Bank details
                                    2. People have there own database because it helps with there bank details and esc.
                                      1. advanteges/disadvantages
                                        1. These are good because people can store and find there data easly.
                                          1. These couldn't be useful because some body might not no how to use them.
                                        2. Public
                                          1. Phone book
                                            1. Some databases are aseble by public because then evry one can see like the phone book.
                                              1. Advantages/disadvantages
                                                1. These are useful because it is easy to acses.
                                                  1. These are easy to hack.
                                                2. Paper databases
                                                  1. These are yoused to show you databases but easy to transport.
                                                    1. Diary
                                                      1. Advantages/disadvantages
                                                        1. Take awey who has orderd there
                                                          1. Easy to transport.
                                                            1. They need to cut down a tree every time.
                                                              1. Kill's the enviroment slowly.
                                                              2. Longer to update.
                                                              3. People who design databases make alot of money.
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