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Data Base


My mind map is based on different types of data bases e.g paper and computing .
Giovanni Zago
Mind Map by Giovanni Zago, updated more than 1 year ago
Giovanni Zago
Created by Giovanni Zago over 6 years ago

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Data Base
  1. Paper data bases
    1. Argos catalogue , Sign in sheet , substitute register , Diary , Yellow pages advantages can copy a lot of paper disadvantages you can lose tne paper really easily
      1. Disadvantage they are slower for searching
        1. can be lost in fire or can get wet
          1. or can get ripped and you would have to start your data all over again
        2. 118 118 Directry
      2. computer data base
        1. register , prisoners argos app . advantage : easier to update easier to navagate . Disadvantages : data can be hacked and changed with out knowing .
          1. Microsoft Office
            1. Argos stock checker
              1. Search Engine
                1. Phone book on a moblie phone
                  1. school register
                    1. ha
                    2. games
                      1. microsoft account
                      2. banks
                        1. paypall
                          1. credit card
                        2. shops
                          1. ebay
                            1. amazon
                          2. disadvantage if your in the middle of work and it crashhes without saving
                        3. both data types
                          1. calander
                            1. Diary
                              1. Chinese take away menu
                                1. map of the world
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