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Psychological Perspectives


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Psychological Perspectives
  1. Psychoanalytic Approach
    1. Sigmund Freud


      • Freud one of the first to scientifically anaylse the human mind and behaviour.
      1. Conscious and Unconscious
        1. Dream Analysis
          1. ID, Ego and Superego
            1. Psycho sexual stages
    2. Humanistic Approach


      • Humanistic approach believe that every person has a strong desire to realise ones full potential.  Maily focuses on the idea of free will.
      1. Maslow, Rogers,
        1. Focuses on treating people with Dignity, Respect as a unique individual
          1. Maslow's Hierachy of needs


            • - Physiological Needs - Safety Needs -Afilliation needs -Esteem needs -Self Actualisation
      2. Biological Approach
        1. Focuses on 4 main areas
          1. No Theorist
            1. Genetics, Biological Structures, Evolution, Biochemistry
              1. Human behaviour is influenced by our genetic make up
                1. Hormones and Biochemical
                  1. Gesell's Maturation Theory
                    1. Phineas Gage
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