Training Plan

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Training Plan
  1. Industrial Engineering
    1. Optimization
      1. Analysis
        1. Design
          1. Programming
            1. production control systems
            2. Engineering tools
              1. Basic Sciences
                1. Math
                  1. Physics
                    1. Chemistry
                    2. Basic Sciences Engineering
                      1. Materials and Processes
                        1. Quality Control
                          1. Supply Chain
                            1. Operation management
                          2. Courses Softwares
                            1. Six Sigma Minitab 16 Course
                              1. Develops statistical methods of data analysis by learning how to create and interpret a variety of graphs and numerical measures useful for quality improvement initiatives.
                              2. SAP Finance Course
                                1. Mathematical Methods for Quantitative Finance covers topics from calculus and linear algebra that are fundamental for the study of mathematical finance. Students successfully completing this course will be mathematically well prepared to study quantitative finance at the graduate level.
                                2. Solid Edge Course
                                  1. SolidEdge is a program focused on industrial design 3D part by parameterization. Allows modeling, sheet metal bending, assembly, welding. It is a very powerful program and its use is increasingly implando in the industrial sector.
                                3. Engineering Methodologies Course
                                  1. Probability and statistics course
                                    1. The probability and statistics provide the basis for the engineer perform the analysis of different types of data and infer future behavior of the variables from the information in its possession
                                    2. Process Improvement Course
                                      1. Any business can be viewed as a collection of various processes. Processes are used for all types of work, including new product development, and production and delivery of goods and services. This course will provide you a set of tools that you can use toimprove work processes.
                                      2. Operations Management Course
                                        1. Recognize the role of operations within the bigger picture of business strategy and master the fundamental aspects of managing the operations of a business.
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