Mega Cities

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Mega Cities
1 Florida
1.1 Tropical climate
1.1.1 tourists Economy
1.2 Coastal
1.2.1 Beaches
1.3 5.2 mil population
1.4 large port
1.4.1 trade with other countries Good transport links
1.5 retired people
2 Dubai
2.1 Hot climate
2.1.1 Tourists Income property development 85% of people that live there are forgein
2.2 port-terminal
2.2.1 import and export
2.2.2 trade with other countries sustainable income
2.3 duty-free
2.3.1 No Taxes
2.4 Vast oil
2.4.1 Recourses
2.4.2 economy
2.5 Environment
2.5.1 worlds largest Carbon emmision
2.5.2 rubbish being dumped down drains
2.5.3 heavy reliance on air conditioning the least environmentally friendly country
3 Mexico City
3.1 Air Pollution
3.1.1 3.5 million cars
3.1.2 Air is 'unsafe' for 355 days a year
3.1.3 Location At the bottom of a mountain so wind ca't blow smog away
3.2 'Hoy no circula'
3.2.1 some people buy 2 cars so they can still drive
3.3 Most fuel are natural
3.3.1 Trying to decrease air pollution roof tops have gardens on them to absorb CO2
3.3.2 better for peoples health Less people will be ill from poor air quality
3.4 Plan Verde
4 Kibera
4.1 Living Conditions
4.1.1 Very over Crowded
4.1.2 Crime police are reluctant to come into area
4.2 No toilets
4.2.1 Poor health loads of disease
4.2.2 Sewage verywhere
4.3 No education
4.3.1 No income Poverty cycle
4.3.2 Not able to get a job
4.4 No privacy
4.4.1 women have to urinate outside
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