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Customer profile
  1. LifeStyle
    1. They care about Environmentally friendly
      1. What is there Income
        1. Mid (22-35k
      2. Sustainability
        1. PS3, TV, Bed, Draws, Fish tank, side table
          1. Wardrobe, Grown up toys game consoles, desk
            1. Because they want to look after the planet.
            2. Age Range
              1. The piece of furniture that i am making will be for male and female
                1. The age range for my product will be 14 to 20
                2. Style
                  1. The customers will like modern furniture that i make
                  2. Social Life
                    1. play Video Games and go out to play
                      1. their Hobbies are to play on their consoles or to play out
                      2. Social Media
                        1. They are on all of the social media such as: Facebook Twitter and Instagram
                          1. Some shop online
                          2. Friends and Family
                            1. Their family has friends such as: neighbours or people in their street
                              1. Some live with their family
                                1. None of them have children
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