My Training Path

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A little mind map that explains what my training plan is.

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My Training Path


  • Core Skills go to the top. Soft Skills go to the bottom.
  1. Social Engineering and Manipulation
    1. Social engineering has been the cause of many of the most high profile cyber-attacks in recent years. The human element is too often the problem.
      1. Free Cyber Security Training
    2. Ethical Hacking
      1. Ethical Hacking is an in-demand skill in cyber-security. As the amount of treats grow, so does the Cyber-security Industry
        1. Free Cyber Security Training
      2. Machine Learning
        1. Is the art of making a computer act in certaing situations without being specifically programmed
          1. Stanford University
        2. Physics
          1. Are part of the everyday world, however, it is and important skill to master when you are interested in developing quantum computing technologies, as I am, an emerging technology that needs responsible development.
            1. Davindson Next
          2. Writing
            1. I have always had an itch telling to write a novel, I even started a Dungeons and Dragons table, in which I designed levels, draw maps, acted as characters and wrote the whole story of the universe my players developed in. I still do not know how to make an output of the world I imagined when I was just a little boy.
              1. University of British Columbia
            2. Debate
              1. In a world with so many information to have access to, it is becoming more difficult to know which information to listen, and even more difficult to be heard. This course will help me develop skills to deliver powerful messages, whenever they are needed.
                1. TUDelft
              2. Music Production
                1. Technology is allowing us to record audio and produce it in our devices, everyday with higher quality. This is originating an explosion of musical creativity. Whether you're an amateur or a professional producer, it is essential to understand the technology of vocal recording.
                  1. EdX Music Production and Audio Recording
                2. Responsible Computing
                  1. Information ought to be open, connected and accesible. This course help students to develop basic computer literacy skills
                    1. Carnagie Mellon University
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