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  1. What is Isis? Isis is an Islamist militant group that has seized a chunk of land stretching from northern Syria to central Iraq and has struck fear into leaders around the world. They have their own country, military, and government.
    1. Goals of Isis: Isis is making major land gains in northern and western Iraq. They are also trying to take over a far larger portion of the rebel-held areas in Syria at the same time. They want to create there own world
      1. American recruits
        1. Elton Simpson: Early May, an american gunmen opened fire at an event in Garland, Texas. He appears to have an allience with Isis. They found this out by a tweet that he tweeted.
          1. In the span of a couple months, there were 62 individuals in the United States that New America has found trying to join Isis.
            1. Americans aren't the only ones being recruited. They are white, African American, Somali American, Vietnamese American, Bosnian American and Arab.
              1. In 2014, A 19 year old named Mohammed Khan who lived in a suburban of Chicago was ready to join Isis along with his two siblings. He had met a Isis leader who would pick them up in Turkey. He told his parent he was obligated to migrate. He didn't make it becasue the FBI arrested him. He has up to 15 years in prison.
                1. Abu-Salha was an American turned Syrian from Florida. He played football in high school. In a video, he tore his passport up and set it on fire. He was also holding an Ak-47. At the end of the video it shows him in a truck that is exploded.
                  1. Douglas McCain was from Minneapolis. When his friend joined the Air Force, he wanted to do something himself. He joined Isis and his friend was bewildered. He figured out he was fighting his friend the whole time. Isis got a hold of him on facebook to recruit him. He died fighting for Isis
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