ISIS: Formation and Objectives

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An overview of ISIS - history, reasons, perspectives

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ISIS: Formation and Objectives
1 Formation
1.1 Soviet Union Invasion of Afghanistan - 1979
1.1.1 Brought many Muslim foreign volunteers seeking to push out the "Godless invaders" 1988-1989: Now veterans - Aspired by the idea and their God in faith Some of them formed Al-Quaeda Continued fighting against dictators
1.2 2001: US invasion of Iraq - 3000 militants
1.2.1 Religious extremists rushed to help IRAQ: war between Iraq's Sunni minority (rebels) and Shia majority US supported Shia's army (now seen as big error!) Iraq PM (al-Maliki) Government issues Corruption Privileges to Shia and marginalise Sunnis 2011-2012: Civil war 2004: Al-Zarqawi joins and forms Al-Quaeda in Iraq (AQI) Many Sunnis turned against AQI because too violent 2006 Al-Zarqawi killed in US strike AQI merged with other groups and new name: Islamic State of Iraq In 2010 new leader became Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi In 2013 during civil war: took over Jabhat al-Nusra's branch in Syria Al-Quaeda and Jabhat al-Nusra rejected this info Started competing Formed ISIS
2 Objectives
2.1 Gain territory
2.1.1 Form a state (Iraqi and Syrian territory Caliphate Representing the entire Muslim community worldwide For jihadists: Islam's glory Caliph Political-military figure Restore the early Islamic empire and take over the world
2.2 Be self sufficient and sustained
2.2.1 Oil, thefts
2.3 Attract foreigners to fight rather than Syrian rebels
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