Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Franchisee and Franchisor

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GCSE Business studies Mind Map on Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Franchisee and Franchisor, created by Josh Anderson on 11/11/2015.

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Business Studies - AQA - GCSE - Franchisee and Franchisor
  1. Franchisee
    1. Disadvantages
      1. Has to abide by the franchisor's rules
        1. A percentage of all profits go to the franchisor
          1. Costs can be great
            1. For example, McDonalds - Paying for the name, the furniture, the signs, etc.
            2. Restricted territory of promotion
              1. Ongoing payment fees to the franchisor
              2. Advantages
                1. Possibility to get many customers from the start
                  1. Brand recognition/well-known names
                  2. Relationships with suppliers have already been established
                    1. Good way to find talented workers
                      1. Management training
                        1. Assistance with site selection, building, etc.
                          1. Ongoing support from the franchisor
                        2. Franchisor
                          1. Disadvantages
                            1. Confidential information is shared with franchisees
                              1. Minimal control over managers
                                1. 'Shared' ownership
                                  1. Loss of flexibility as business grows
                                    1. Risk of franchisee tarnishing public image if they do not deliver (e.g. poor customer service, etc.)
                                    2. Advantages
                                      1. Cost effective labour force
                                        1. Get money without having to run the business themselves
                                          1. Franchisees own their business, more commitment
                                            1. Franchisee advertises brand by owning business
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