The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur

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The skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur
1 Self relection
1.1 Are you able to reflect on your own personal performance in the business?
1.1.1 Completing SWAT analysis to establish room for improvement and areas of success
1.1.2 Identify where the business is going well
1.1.3 Identify the weaknesses in the business
2 Leadership
2.1 Managing a team
2.1.1 Ensuring everyone knows their job role and responsibilities
2.2 Running the business as a whole
2.3 Ensure the business runs smoothly and efficiently
3 Management
3.1 Employees
3.1.1 Assigning tasks & goals
3.1.2 Ensuring all staff know their responsibilities and the expectation
3.2 Business concept
3.2.1 Where do you plan to take the business in the future?
3.2.2 Political responsibilities
4 Recording and monitoring of performance
4.1 How well is the business doing?
4.1.1 Turning profit?
4.1.2 Breaking even?
4.1.3 in its market and against its' competitors?
4.2 What resources are coming in and out?
4.2.1 How much of each?
5 Human resources & staff management
5.1 Maintaining the well being of staff
5.2 Hiring staff
5.3 Payroll
5.4 Knowing and enforcing the employment legislation
5.5 Implementing human rights
5.6 Setting goals
6 Communication
6.1 Be able to deal with all manners and types of people in different situations
6.2 Listen & interact
6.2.1 Employees
6.2.2 Clients
6.2.3 Advice
6.3 Strong supply chain
7 Technical
7.1 Use of tools & equipment
7.2 Management and maintenance of website and online store
8 Administation
8.1 knowing dates
8.2 Ensuring you file tax returns
8.3 Registering business
8.4 keeping records of money in and out
8.5 Keeping record of purchases, receipts, invoices
9 Know your market
9.1 Understand your competitors and what you are up against
10 Financial knowledge
10.1 Manage cash flow
10.1.1 Monitor cost price, selling price and margins
10.2 Business plan
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