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Looking for Meaning
1 Key Concepts
1.1 Awe- completely overwhelmed by a sense of God's presence
1.2 Revelation- something shown or explained that was previously hidden. Many religions have revealed truths.
1.3 God-ultimate being. For example, the creator of the world.
1.4 Symbolism- something that points to or explains something else. Religions have many symbolic actions and ideas.
1.5 Deity- a visible form of the power behind the world
1.6 Afterlife- the belief that there is some kind of life after the death of the body. Many religions believe in heaven and places that the soul goes to after the body has died
1.7 Community- a group of people with something in common
2 Christianity
2.1 Reasons to believe/not to believe in God
2.1.1 Holy books
2.1.2 Life has no reason/purpose without God
2.1.3 Natural world- creation
2.1.4 Religious upbringing
2.1.5 No religious upbringing
2.1.6 No proof/evidence
2.1.7 Evil and suffering in the world
2.1.8 Science has answers. E.g. the Big Bang theory
2.2 Beliefs about God
2.2.1 Christians believe there is one God but with three parts, called the Trinity. These are the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
2.2.2 God as spirit- He has no physical form or body
2.2.3 He gave us free will- Adam and Eve story
2.2.4 God as Jesus(son)- died to save people, reading Bible stories about Jesus allows them to find out what God is like
2.2.5 God as creator(father)- He made the Earth, gave it purpose and cares for all who live in it
2.3 Responding to God
2.3.1 Living in a way that pleases God; dedicating yourself to God
2.3.2 Telling others about God and beliefs(preaching)
2.3.3 Serve others- voluntarily or as part of their job; also, give money to charities or to the Church
2.3.4 Worship God- in Church and at home through prayer and reading the Bible
2.4 Funeral Rites
2.4.1 At the end of the burial service, the words "earth to earth, ashes to ashes" are said to remind us that God made us and that we are being returned to him
2.4.2 The minister or relative will say something about the person, to remember them
2.4.3 At the funeral- passages are read from the Bible, worships songs sung and hymns read to comfort and restore faith.
2.4.4 Some Christians prefer burial, but many are also cremated.
2.5 Experiencing God
2.5.1 Miracles- an event that breaks the laws of nature, like healing, and has only the explanation of God.
2.5.2 Prayers- when they are thinking about or talk to God spiritually
2.5.3 Revelations- God can reveal himself to a human, through visions or reading a holy book etc.
2.5.4 Awe- feeling of a presence that is greater than us, usually described for God.
2.6 Responding to God
2.6.1 Through prayers, preaching and teaching about God and how believers should live, worship, retreat/study about religion etc.
2.6.2 Vocations-doing a job which helps others, e.g. teaching or medicine
2.6.3 Service and commitment- acts of kindness, giving time/money to their religion
2.6.4 Pilgrimage to holy places such as Lourdes
2.7 Symbols
2.7.1 Candle- symbol of light and goodness overcoming evil and darkness
2.7.2 Fish-Greek word for fish is ICTHUS, each letter spells out "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour"
2.7.3 Trinity- symbolised as H2O so water, ice, steam or a 3 leafed clover
2.7.4 Cross- most often used, reminder what Jesus sacrificed to save them from death and their sins and give them eternal life, many Christians wear a cross around their necks
2.8 Heaven and Hell
2.8.1 Soul lives on after death(immortal) and will go to either heaven or hell. It depends on your actions and if you accepted Jesus
2.8.2 Heaven is paradise but Hell is a place of torment and pain- eternity without God
3 Islam
3.1 How do Muslims respond to Allah? 1. Prayer; there are 5 times a day when Muslims are required to pray 2. Reading the Qur’an. Muslims should learn the words of Allah in the Qur’an 3. Giving 2.5% of their income as Zakah and more as Sadaqh – voluntary donations 4. Pilgrimage; going on Hajj and travelling to Makkah 5. Living the sort of life Allah requires; doing halal and avoiding Haram
3.2 Islam and Symbols 1. Drawing images of Allah is totally forbidden 2. There are 99 names that are explain many of the qualities of Allah, for example Allah the merciful. 3. The crescent moon and 5 point star represents: Muslims faith will grow as the moon does throughout the month Islam is a guide to people, as the stars and moon help people navigate 4. The headscarf is a sign of modesty, womanhood and commitment to Islam
3.3 Islam and God (Allah) 1. There is only one God. He is all knowing, and the creator of the world, including humans. Tawhid is the oneness of Allah. 2. He is merciful and gracious. 3. He requires submission to him in obedience. God will judge the world. 4. He sent his last and greatest prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to lead and guide his people. 5. Allah has no beginning and no end and that He always was and always will be. 6. There is nothing like Him. Nothing in all of His creation can be.
3.4 Life after Death. 1. Muslims call life after death – Akhirah. 2. Not to believe in life after death would make this life meaningless for a Muslim. 3. Life is a test. How we act in life will determine what happens to us after we die. 4. Nothing happens to us that is accidental. Allah is in control. 5. Muslims believe that we remain in the grave after death until the Day of Judgement (Yawmuddin). On this day Allah will judge everyone. The good will go to heaven and the bad to hell. Only Allah knows who will go where.
3.5 Funeral Rites: Islam The ‘adhan’ (call to prayer) should be the final words a Muslim hears. The body will be washed and wrapped in a white cloth. An Imam (leader) leads the prayers at the mosque and graveside The funeral will take place within 24 hours and usually only men attend The body is buried facing Makkah where Muhammad (pbuh) was born 6. The ceremony will be as simple as possible
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