Classical Greece,2000 B.C-300 B.C

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Reading notes about the Classical Greece.

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Classical Greece,2000 B.C-300 B.C
  1. 300 B.C, Minoans lived on Greek the island of Crete
    1. The Minoans created a elegant civilization, which reigned great power in the Mediterranean world.
    2. People from the plains along the Black Sea and Anatolia migrated in Greece.
      1. Geography Shapes Greek Life
        1. Greece consisted of mountainous peninsula jutting into the Mediterranean Sea. It included about 2,000 islands in the Aegean an Ionian seas. Parts of the eastern edge of the Aegean were parts of greece
          1. The Sea: sea was part of Greek civilization just like the others civilization such as Egypt, Fertile Crescent, India, China
            1. Never travel more than 85 miles to reach the coastline.
              1. The Aegean Sea and Ionian Sea were important transportation routes for for Greek people.
                1. Greeks became skilled sailors. Sea travel and trade was important because Greece lacked natural resources, such as timber, precious metal and usable farmland.
                2. Greeks did not live on a land but around a sea.
                  1. The Land
                    1. Rugged mountains covered three-fourths of ancient Greece. Mountains run from northwest to southwest.
                      1. Greeks developed a small, independent communities in valleys of surrounding mountains.
                        1. Greeks were loyal to their communities
                    2. The Climate
                      1. 3rd most important influence on Greek civilization
                        1. Average temp. 48 degrees F in the winter and 80 degrees F in the summer.
                        2. Mycenaean Civilization Develops
                          1. Indo-Europeans migrated from the Eurasian steppes to Europe, India, and Southwest Asia.
                            1. Some people who Settled on Greek around 2000 B.C were known as Mycenaeans.
                              1. Mycenae was located in Southern Greece on a steep,rocky ridge and surrounded by a protective wall more than 20ft. thick
                                1. could withstand any attack.
                                  1. A warrior-king ruled the surrounding villages and farms.
                                    1. Strong ruler controlled cities, such as Tiryns and Anthens.
                                      1. These kings dominated Greece from 1600 to 1100 B.C.
                                    2. Contact with Minoans
                                      1. 1500 B.C. Myceneans came into contact with the Minoans. Mycenaeans sailed throughout the eastern medittereranean
                                        1. Mycenaeans adapted minoan writing system and decorated vases with minoan designs.
                                          1. Trojan War
                                            1. 1200 bc mycenaeans fought a 10 yr. war against troy. Troy an idependent city in Anatolia.
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