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Vocabulary portfolio
1 Qualities of character
1.1 Self-awareness
1.1.1 to know oneself, to don’t blame others of your own problems.
1.2 Empathy
1.2.1 the capacity to connect in the suffer and feelings of other people
1.3 Forgiveness
1.3.1 when someone tells you sorry and you “hug” him
1.4 Honesty
1.4.1 To say always the truth and face the consequences either they are good or bad
1.5 Hope
1.5.1 when you have faith about something and you don’t lose it.
1.6 Politeness
1.6.1 something internal that some people have and that is a rule of civilization
1.7 Confidence
1.8 Resilience
1.8.1 the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. The person who falls but never gives up and tries again
1.9 Patience
1.9.1 when you are calm when other people are talking, not listening or shouting. Lose your temper
1.10 Sacrifice
1.10.1 To forgo our satisfactions
1.11 Homour
1.11.1 when you are laughing about something funny but sometimes you can offend someone without your intention or yes
2 Make, do ,have, take
2.1 Make
2.1.1 A decision
2.1.2 fun of someone
2.1.3 a mistake
2.1.4 someone a favor
2.1.5 up your mind
2.1.6 the homework
2.1.7 An effort
2.2 Do
2.2.1 our best
2.2.2 a pity
2.2.3 your homework
2.3 Have
2.3.1 a bath
2.3.2 a dream
2.3.3 a good time
2.3.4 a holiday
2.3.5 an idea
2.3.6 time to do
2.4 Take
2.4.1 a bath
2.4.2 part of someone
2.4.3 care of someone
3 listening
3.1 to be perfectly honest
3.1.1 when you are going to say the true just the true
3.2 can afford
3.2.1 to have enough money to buy something
3.3 Fortnight
3.3.1 15 days
4 BBC news
4.1 legalized
4.1.1 to make something legal
4.2 survivor
4.2.1 someone who continues to live after almost dying because of an accident
4.3 activist
4.3.1 someone who tries to cause social or political change
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