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Media Production Ideas


Ideas for Media A2 Practical Production
Liam Haxton
Mind Map by Liam Haxton, updated more than 1 year ago
Liam Haxton
Created by Liam Haxton over 6 years ago

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Media Production Ideas
  1. CI Title
    1. Can Violent or Controversial Lyrics and Music Videos Indirectly Influence Acts of Violence?
      1. Has to link to production
      2. Print
        1. Music Related
          1. Music Magazine
            1. Possible Magazine names
              1. The Empress
                1. Roxx Magazine
                  1. Mosh Pit Magazine
                  2. Interview
                    1. Link to CI
                      1. Do you think violent or controversial lyrics or music videos can indirectly influence acts of violence?
                    2. Article
                      1. Example of Alt Magazines
                        1. Kerrang!
                          1. Alternative Press
                    3. Bands
                      1. Get Scared
                        1. A Day to Remember
                          1. Asking Alexandria
                            1. Violent and Controversial lyrics and music videos
                              1. Not the American Average
                              2. Motionless in White
                                1. Mountains Ahead
                                  1. Bring Me the Horizon
                                  2. Broadcast
                                    1. Documentary on band
                                      1. Promotional Video
                                        1. NOT a music video
                                          1. Interview
                                            1. Lyric Video
                                            2. E-Media(?)
                                              1. D3ADFRUIT Gaming video


                                                • I already have quite a few 5min videos the only problem is that they probably don't link to what I'm investigating for my Critical Investigation
                                                1. No link to CI
                                              2. CS
                                                1. Representation of Males and Masculinity in Music
                                                  1. Correlation with production ideas
                                                    1. Band Interview
                                                      1. Regularly men
                                                        1. Controversial lyrics
                                                        2. Gaming video
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