Steven life changing events

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Steven life changing events
  1. protecter of his stuff pg.5
    1. the worst possible thing for him to do is to touch my drum stuff
      1. he may not pretend the cymbals are shields and he is a knight
      2. love pg.5
        1. Renee Albert had told me in P.M. that she liked my shirt
          1. pg.20. he was worried Renee would laugh at him
          2. peasant pg.9
            1. what does that make me Umm... how about peasant
              1. pg.10 who were just waiting to see what he would reveal about the peasant.
              2. Steven's family did not tell Steven about Jeffrey survival
                1. this is a life changing event because Jeffrey could die and Steven could have thought Jeffrey would have a 90% chance of living.
                2. Jeffrey is going to be fine
                  1. they figure out that Jeffrey has an ear infection
                    1. he is on new meds
                    2. he gets his drum solo
                      1. but Jeffrey gets a fever
                        1. his family gets the money for th bills
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