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01ee89a4-1f27-4331-ba92-be696da661eb.png (image/png) This is Photoshop. We will use this program to design our poster and magazine cover. We will use this because it is very easy to use and also very effective on making projects look professional. You can find this program on a college computer, also on personal computers so it will be easy to access.
c7634bcc-4f8e-40ae-b18a-6fdd6ca54c38.jpg (image/jpg) This is Final Cut Pro. This is used to edit clips imported from the camera. We will edit our final film on this program because it has some advanced options to make out trailer look professional. We can find this program on the desktop macs at college. This will also be useful because we will be able to import music from garage band.
ce3b4979-a237-48c4-8982-dc5ae71f1a52.jpg (image/jpg) This is Garage Band. We will use this to compose our music for the film trailer, which then we can import into different programs to edit it more and place it with the recorded footage we took. We will be able to find this piece of software on a mac. It is easy to use as we have used it before.
3b97dfea-9375-435b-a88b-fbcce04ce17b.png (image/png) This is Powerpoint. We will use this to present our work on our blog. This program is good because we can present information easily and quickly. Also we can import powerpoints into online programs which make it look much more professional. We can fund this program on any computer that has the Microsoft package, therefore it is easy to access.
e6f1f5a6-c160-4e50-bb6a-b3a6a90e5441.jpg (image/jpg) This is the Internet. We have used this to research into the Horror Genre. We will also use this to find examples of Horror and find Horror related music using various of copyright free music websites. This is good because we can access the internet anywhere and therefore will be able to research at any time we need or look up any tutorials we need.
5460eddf-271e-44ac-bce5-d88b2f04d76b.jpg (image/jpg) We will be using a tripod in our filming of the trailer. We will use it so the camera stays still and so we can turn the camera smoothly when tracking someone in a shot. This will be available at college and we will be able to borrow it to film.
f14e5e26-df7e-4483-8776-c15b097528c8.jpg (image/jpg) This wire will be used to transfer clips and pictures from the camera to the editing programs. This wire will easily be available to us.
a7319ca2-893e-4547-9057-759db2a5a65e.jpg (image/jpg) We will be using this Nikon camera to film our trailer. This is good because the camera can record in a high definition and will make our piece look more professional. Also the camera can auto focus and manual focus so we can get the right shots for each part of the trailer. It also has lots of options we can use to film in, this is so we can get the best possible quality for the trailer. This is available to us through college and we are able to borrow it. Finally it has clip on the bottom so we can attach it to a tripod.
bd89802f-b9c4-411d-aefe-b36bb102a950.jpg (image/jpg) This is a Tescam audio recorder. We will use this to record the sound for out trailer. We will use this instead of the camera because it has a high sound quality. This is also good because we can import the audio files onto garage band and change them to fit our trailer. This will be accessible to us as our college have them.
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