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EAP: Students and Study Skills


English for Academic Purpose: students and study skills
Diego Gonzalez
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Diego Gonzalez
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EAP: Students and Study Skills
  1. Transfer Skills
    1. Students learn how to use in the new tongue the skills they have in the mother tongue
    2. Adjust to the academic enviroment
      1. Students must learn how to deal with the new school´s rules, staff, classmates and enviroment
      2. Improve skills
        1. Student might need to improve their vocabulary, and learn new styles of comunication such as writing, and speech to be part of the new school
          1. No good skills, study harder
            1. Some students might need more help than other depending on the culture they come from and they´re studying in
              1. Study skills and proficiency level must be their priority
                1. To adapt to the new school is also a skill students have to develop. It´s importatn to think and act as a native person of that culture without loosing the background.
              2. EAP: English for academic purposes, is related to the communication skills in English needed in a certain field in a foreign education system
                1. Study skills play a key role in English For Academic Purpose because every academic subject is different and indepent.
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