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Health & Wealth in the UK


Health and Wealth
Shannon  Witton
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Shannon  Witton
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Health & Wealth in the UK
  1. Health - a state of complete psychical, mental and social well being
    1. "An organism when it functions optimally without any evidence of abnromallity"
    2. Health Inequality - Something that causes some people to experience more health problems than others
      1. Why some people die younger than others
        1. Why some people have more illness than others
          1. Why older people have more problems than younger people
            1. Why women have more health problems than men
              1. We can examine these differences by looking at inequalities in areas such as
                1. Age
                  1. Elderly tend to need most health care
                    1. This doesn't mean all elderly are unhealthy
                      1. Satisfaction with health DECLINES by age
                    2. Older people are more likely to experience
                      1. Cancer
                        1. Heart Disease
                          1. Stroke
                            1. Athritis
                              1. Incontinence
                                1. Hearing/Sight Problems
                                2. Younger people are more likely to experience
                                  1. Death through risky behaviour
                                    1. Eating Disorders
                                      1. Teen Prenancy
                                        1. STI's/STD's
                                      2. Ethnicity
                                        1. Some health conditions are more likely to affect particular ethnic groups
                                          1. Sickle Cell Disease - more likely to affect blacks
                                            1. British Heart Foundation Statistics
                                              1. Conarary Heart Disease rates are highest in South Asian communites
                                                1. Stroke rates are highest in African/Carribbean communites
                                            2. Life Style
                                              1. Life style refers to the choices that people make in terms of
                                                1. Diet/Exercise
                                                  1. Eating the wrong foods can cause health problems
                                                    1. Malnutrition
                                                      1. Diabeties
                                                        1. Heart Disease
                                                          1. Stroke
                                                          2. Choosing NOT to exercise leads to weight gain
                                                          3. Smoking, Drinking, Drug use
                                                            1. Drinking to excess causes many physical and mental health problems
                                                              1. Smoking damages health
                                                              2. Sexual Health
                                                                1. Unsafe sexual practices can lead to STI's/STD/s or unwanted pregnancy
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