Is It Fair (Islam)

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Is it fair? topic for R.E on Islam...

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Is It Fair (Islam)
1 Islam and roles of Men and Women
1.1 Men and women are equal before Allah
1.2 Have the same religious duty and will receive the same judgement
1.3 Women are allowed specific rights and protection (e.g. no sexual harassment; be cared for in pain and difficult times; be provided for)
1.4 Many Islamic women wear the hijab/headscarf. The reason given for this is to protect women
2 Racism (Racism, prejudice and discrimination are wrong)
2.1 Qur'an teaches that racism is wrong
2.2 People made in God's image equal
2.3 Prophet Muhammad chose a black African as his first prayer caller
2.4 Brotherhood of Islam lead Muslims to oppose all racism, prejudice and discrimination
2.5 Pilgrimage all wear same shows = before Allah
3 Wealth+Charity
3.1 It is not wrong to be wealthy
3.2 Money must be gained through honest means (halal) and hard work
3.3 Money should not be used to harm others
3.4 All Muslims are required to pay zakat 2.5% to the poor
3.5 Gambling or dishonesty in money is unacceptable- haram
3.6 Charging interest= haram
4 Justice
4.1 Allah rewards good and punishes bad
4.2 Give money to the poor-Zakah. Muslim Aid/ Islamic Aid
4.3 Qur'an says Allah is just...
4.4 Qur'an says Muslims should be just...
4.5 Shari'ah based on justice
4.6 Will be judged on whether they have promoted justice
5 Malcom X - Muslims against Injustice
5.1 Campaigned for black people rights in US- Father was assassinated by a white group (KKK)
5.2 Converted to Islam in prison
5.3 Followed example of Prophet Muhammad and spoke out against wrong treatment of black people
5.4 Encouraged black people to stand up and fight against their oppressors
5.5 Continued to stand up despite opposition like Prophet Muhammad did
5.6 He was assassinated in 1965
6 Islamic Relief- Promoting Justice
6.1 Works round the globe to help those in poverty Promotes Justice
6.2 Provides vital medication and health education
6.3 Tries to provide schools for those who have no education
6.4 Camapignes to try and change the system that keep people poor
6.5 Based on teachings in the Qur'an and Hadith which says that Muslims should help those who are less well off and promote justice
7 Key Words
7.1 Authority
7.1.1 Right or power over others
7.2 Discrimination
7.2.1 Treating people differently because of their race, gender, religion or class
7.3 Equality
7.3.1 Being treated the same
7.4 Identity
7.4.1 The personality and character of an individual
7.5 Injustice
7.5.1 Withholding someone's human rights
7.6 Prejudice
7.6.1 When a person is judged without any evidence because of their skin colour
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