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Book of acts

Resource summary

  1. Ascension
    1. Feast of Pentecost
      1. Jewish significance: holy spirit coming to jews New significance for early church: peter perches 1st sermon
        1. Reverses the effects of Passover
        2. Tells the story of the church`s beginning in jerusalem & its spread throughout the world
          1. written by luke
            1. Theological account
              1. gives readers a way to argue that this new movement (the church) does not represent a direct threat to roman empire
              2. Last days
                1. special presence of god resides
                2. Baptism of Cornelius
                  1. Turning point
                    1. b/c it authorizes the church`s mission to gentiles
                    2. Peter shocked that gods spirit could inhabit gentiles
                    3. Jerusalem conference
                      1. paul & barnabas discuss whether gentiles had to convert to judaism to in the church
                        1. Gentiles should remain Gentiles and not have to convert to Judaism
                        2. holy spirit
                          1. Saul`s Violent Call Theophany
                            1. changes his life & he is now Paul
                            2. Relates back to the end of Luke
                              1. Ending: paul is arrested & sent to Rome for trial, under house arrest
                                1. bringing gentiles into church was an act of god
                                  1. Ignorance is over. Judgement will come, Jesus is risen and God is known
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