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  1. THRUST IS..
    1. upward or forward force
      1. used for propellers, rocket engines (etc)
        1. it can be used for handheld objects
        2. FRICTION IS...
          1. Slows down a moving object
            1. A rough surface increases friction
              1. a smooth surface reduces friction
            2. GRAVITATIONAL FORCE IS...
              1. the pull of attraction between two masses
                1. examples...
                  1. the attraction between a book and a person is small
                    1. the attraction between the earth and an object is large
                  2. what is weight?
                    1. gravitational force between an object and the earth
                      1. weight is measured in newtons
                      2. equation to work out the weight
                        1. weight= mass times 10N/kg
                      3. what is mass?
                        1. mass is the 'amount of matter' or stuff somthing contains
                          1. mass is measured in kg.
                      4. BALANCED FORCE IS..
                        1. equal in size but opposite in direction
                          1. if forces on an object are balanced then..
                            1. an object that is not moving stays still
                              1. an object that is moving continues to move at the same speed and in the same direction
                          2. Upthrust IS...
                            1. upward force experienced in a liquid
                              1. upthrust is caused by water being pushed out the way
                              2. upthrust is decided by the volume of the object and density of the liquid
                              3. MAGNETIC FORCE IS..
                                1. when magnets exert a pull or pushing force
                                  1. two same sides, i.e a north side and north side will exert a pushing force
                                    1. two opposite sides, i.e a north side and south side will exert a pull force
                                    2. when some materials, like metal, experience a magnetic force when a magnet is near.
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