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Essay 5


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Essay 5
    1. Although there is an absolute truth in natural sciences that can not be reached, there can't be one in ethics because the construction of ethics is human, and is valid only to humans. Therefore in ethics there can never be a conclusion that is correct.
      1. "There is no right or wrong, it is thinking that makes it so. "
        1. Different ethical theories and stances will lead to different ethical conclusions, both of which can be 'right' in their line of thought
          1. Difference between a utilitarian approach and a kantian approach. Depending on your own personal moral code you can reach different conclusions which can all be reasoned to be correct
            1. both will reach a moral decision/conclusion that can be correct in their line of thought, but will be different.
      1. Different scientific theories will shape different conclusions
        1. Different theories of evolution lead to different conclusions on evolution
          1. However they are not all conclusions at the same tome, one theory will disprove the previous and a new conclusion will be formed
            1. "A wiseman therefore proportions his belief to the evidence"
              1. This conclusion accepted will be the one with a) the most evidence (suporrted with reasoning/) or b) with the most support/majority
                1. However since conclusions in NS can be disproved, no conclusion can be reached, as there is always potential for it to be disproven.
                  1. "Science is a very human form of knowing we are always at the brink of the known."
      2. To what extent do the concepts we use shape the conclusions we reach?
        1. To what extent do the concepts we use in the natural sciences and ethics shape the conclusions we reach?
        2. Concepts are a human form of knowledge and although there is a 'conclusion' it can not be reached by humans due to the limitations in the formation of concepts.
          1. CONCEPT
            1. A concept is an abstract idea or theory that is a product of a perspective.
              1. Different concepts stem from different ways of thinking and different perspectives.
                1. Different perspectives can lead to different conclusions
                  1. Therefore different concepts will lead to different conclusions
            2. CONCLUSION
              1. Multiple conclusions can be reached,most of which could be valid when shaped from the concepts used.
                1. Different AOK's will lead to diff conclusions, and diff concepts in the same AOK can lead to diff conclusions
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