Essay 5 Minh

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Essay 5 Minh
  1. Knowledge Question: To what extent is the concepts and methodologies affect the accuracy of our KCs in Math and Art?
    1. MATH
      1. KC1: The methodologies in Math to a great extent allows us to enhance the accuracy of our KCs
        1. Development
          1. Define Math: the study of topics such as quantity, structure, space, and changes. It seeks to understand the world in more abstract concepts and quantify them into patterns. Math reduces nature patterns mathematically and give a numerical values
            1. CONCEPT OF NUMBER
            2. Mathematical Absolute Truth: axiom and postulates - self evident accepted accepted by the general population as absolute truth. Hence used without question as the starting starting for formulation of new KC
              1. Absolute truth => does not give space for variation of perspectives and challenges as they are purely objective
                1. Objective and reliability: being objective allow us to limit bias that evoke from personal perspective, hence increase the accuracy of KC
                  1. => Using objective method like the use of axiom and postulate to build knowledge around them will allow us to limit bias in the selection of data, hence increase the accuracy of KCs in Math
              2. Example: give one example of how axiom and postulates are use by everyone to form accurate KC in Math
                1. DEDUCTIVE REASONING
                  1. Form new knowledge using a combination of different past knowledge in order to support each other and improve accuracy
              3. Counter Claim 1: the aspect of objectivity limits the extent to which math could be effective by limiting it to look at the issue from multiple perspective and prevent "creativity"
                1. Development
                  1. Through the use of math, everyone is restricted within the use of one specific approach, hence limit them from seeing the full picture
                    1. Human error
                2. ART
                  1. KC2: Art allows us to perceive a more diverse range of knowledge through the involvement of different perspective, hence seeing the bigger picture!! (possible KC)
                    1. Development
                      1. Creativity
                        1. Don't require the use of axiom => more applicable
                        2. Acquire knowledge from multiple sources that math
                          1. Multiple Perspectives
                            1. Aware of the already existing bias and subjectives aspect in art, hence attempt to limit those by embracing perspective to limit personal bias
                            2. Art can justify abstract concepts that math can't like emotion
                              1. Offer us insight of knowledge that could be useful to generate KQ
                            3. Counter Claim:
                              1. Having multiple perspectives on a particular issue might not be beneficial as this attribute to the false in understanding of knowledge of art
                                1. Guernica Painting
                                  1. Evoke different emotion that trigger different interpretations
                                    1. Not every interpretation is correct
                                    2. A way in which knowledge is pass on in art
                              2. depend heavily on the encounter with the surround that trigger our emotion and evoke our creativity which lead to formation of new knowledge
                              3. KQ extraction:
                                1. What is concepts
                                  1. Ever aspects that made up an area of knowledge
                                    1. Math: number, axiom, equation, geometry, patterns
                                      1. Art: painting, emotion, creativity,
                                    2. Accuracy
                                      1. The quality or state of being precise
                                        1. The extent to which the information is reliable and could be use for further development of knowledge
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