Essay 1 - Diba

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Essay 1 - Diba
  1. Definition: Network refers to a range of interconnected WOK’s that work together to make up a complete set of knowledge.
    1. Title Stating in simple terms: In order to gain knowledge we need to use a range of ways to acquire that knowledge in order to understand it better. Do we have to use multiple ways of knowing? You can’t use one WOK without the use of another, they are all connected. Some WOK’s are more dominant however. How does the network impact on the knowledge? How do the prevalent WOKS impact the gain of the knowledge? Eg reason in mathematics, however emotion can impact.
      1. Possible CC's: Mathematics and The Natural Sciences have methodologies that are mainly based on axiomatic principles and equations that are grounded in logic. Reasoning and language are used to justify and communicate that knowledge. WOK’s such as Sense perception, emotion can be argued to have less of a significance.
        1. Possible KC's: Mathematics can be influenced by Emotion and Past Experiences. The Natural Sciences relies heavily on Sensory Perception and can also be influenced by Emotion. The methodologies are fallible, can be questioned and countered.
          1. Title: In gaining knowledge, each area of knowledge uses a network of ways of knowing. Discuss this statement.
            1. KQ: To what extent is a network of ways of knowing used to support knowledge claims in the areas of mathematics and the natural sciences?
            2. Introduction: Some believe reasoning is the main concept the NS and Maths is rooted in, but others argue that WOK's such as emotion also play a role however smaller role than Reasoning. WOKS are interconnected, you can't use one without the use of another. Has an impact on the reliability of knowledge gained.
              1. KC 1: In the Natural sciences, the methodology used is based on axiomatic principles that have been developed over thousand of years and are considered to be grounded in reasoning. Example: Us humans have as a community accepted that the acceleration of any object on the surface of the earth is 9.81m/s2
                1. CC 1: However, the natural sciences is an AOK that is subject to the possibility of confirmation bias, showing that reasoning is not the sole WOK that influences claims in the natural sciences. Example: French researched Jacques Benveniste, who experimented and tested the effects of histamines.
                2. KC 2: In mathematics, much like in the natural sciences a methodology is used that is based on axiomatic principles and theories are allowed to be tested and possibly falsified before being accepted showing that the WOK applicable is reasoning without interference of the others. Example: Euclidean postulates for example, have been suggested and proven to be true due to its logical nature and methodology that has been tested and accepted and thus they have led to further accepted claims regarding mathematical geometry.
                  1. CC 2: However, mathematics is based on a set of logical steps that forms a universal language, showing that reasoning is not the sole WOK relevant in mathematics. Example: Rene Descartes who was a French philosopher and mathematician who developed the the Cartesian geometry which uses algebra to describe geometry.
                  2. Conclusion: I can deduct that a network of ways of knowing is used to a large extent to support knowledge claims in the areas of maths and the natural sciences. Even though reasoning is the foundation of both the impact of other WOK’s is inevitable and uncontrollable.
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