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Group 1 Metals


Group 1 Metals
Miss E Sealey Un
Mind Map by Miss E Sealey Un, updated more than 1 year ago
Miss E Sealey Un
Created by Miss E Sealey Un over 6 years ago

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Group 1 Metals
  1. 1 electron in outer shell
    1. So react in a similar way to each other
      1. With oxygen and water
        1. Kept under oil
          1. To create a metal hydroxide
            1. An alkali
            2. Forms hydrogen gas
              1. With sufficient energy this ignites
              2. Float on the surface - less dense
              3. Give unique flame colours
              4. Need to lose this electron
                1. To gain a stable octet
                  1. Often given to a Group 7 non-metal
                    1. This forms an ionic bond
                2. AKA - Alkali metals
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