To Kill a Mocking Bird Context

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To Kill a Mocking Bird Context
1 Takes place in 1930, in Alabama
1.1 Published in 1960, just after civil rights took off
2 Slave Trade
2.1 Bought millions of Africans to work in America
2.2 Bought in slave ships and suffered awful conditions
2.3 Bought by white people, had no rights
2.4 Abolished in 1865, the idea that black people were inferior was normal
3 American Civil War
3.1 1861-1865 between Northern United States and Confederate States of America
3.2 Main cause was disagreement over slavery
3.2.1 North wanted to abolish (won)
3.2.2 South wanted to keep
3.3 After abolished, in Maycomb, black people still didn't have equal rights
3.3.1 Wasn't entitled to education
4 Klu Klux Klan
4.1 Formed 1860's by white men who fought for Confederate States of America
4.1.1 Believed they were superior to everyone Attacked and killed black Americans (and whites who had been on Northens side)
5 The Great Depression
5.1 Effected stock market and crop prices
5.1.1 Americans couldn't earn a living, average income dropped by 40% between 1929-1932
5.2 Atticus talks about depression when says that times are hard for people (Ewell's/Cunninghams)
5.2.1 Depression helps explain why people were racist in Maycomb, land owners like Cunninghams blamed end of slavery for loss of profit/land\status
6 Scottsboro Trial
6.1 Happened in 1931 (Harper Lee was 5)
6.2 Nine black men were accused of raping two white women
6.2.1 Despite medical evidence that women hadn't been raped, the all-white jury sentenced men (but youngest) to death Men nearly lynched before trial
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