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Passive & active modals

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  1. Present Tense:
    1. He Opens the door.
      1. She pays a lot of money.
        1. We set the table..
    2. GRAMMAR:
      1. Subject + finitie form of to be + past participle
      2. Subject + auxuliary verb be + main verb past participle by.
        1. Past tense;
          1. *We stopped the bus
            1. -The bus was stopped by us.
              1. *Somebody hit me.
                1. -I was hit by somebody.
                  1. *She sang a song.
                    1. -A song was sung by.
              2. Forming Passives With Modals
                1. Affirmative Form
                  1. Object + may, must, can, could, ought to, should + be + verb3
                  2. Question Form
                    1. Must, may, can, should, might + object + be + verb3 (past participle)
                    2. An exam may be given by our English teacher today.
                      1. Many books have been written by Thomas.
                        1. the bill have to be paid before leaving the restaurant?
                          1. the bill have to be paid before leaving the restaurant?
                          2. Thomas has written many books.
                          3. PASSIVE
                            1. Our English teacher may give an exam today.
                              1. ACTIVE
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