Modals of deduction


Modals of Deduction
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Modals of deduction
  1. We use modals verbs to say how sure we are about something
    1. Must
      1. Might, May, Could
        1. Can`t
          1. Must, might, may, could, and can`t have many more meanings and use to talk about different situations.
          2. Must
            1. We use "must" when we feel that something is true because there`s very strong evidence.
              1. I must leave now to catch my train.
            2. Might, may, could
              1. We use "might", "may" or "could" to say that we think somethingis possible but we're not sure.
                1. I could come to LA next month.
                  1. They might make us an offer.
                    1. I may be able to help you with your project tomorrow.
                    2. Can't
                      1. We use can't when we feel sure something is not true
                        1. I can’t find my wallet
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