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Operating systems
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  1. Booting the computer
    1. Booting is a set of operations that loads and starts the system. This is from the point when the user switches on the power button.
      1. A boot sequence is the initial set of operations that the computer perform when switched on.
        1. Every computer has a booting sequence. Computers powered by the central processing unit can only execute code found in the systems memory.
          1. Modern operating systems and application program code and data are stored on nonvolatile memories or mass storage devices.
          2. Handling Hardware recources
            1. A system's hardware resources are the communication paths that are assigned to each device that is connected to the system.
              1. A boot configuration that lists the hardware resources that the device requires when the system starts.
              2. Providing file management
                1. An operating system which organizes and keeps track of files.
                  1. provides its own file management system, you can buy separate file management systems. These systems interact smoothly with the operating system but provide more features,.
                  2. Providing a user interface
                    1. It it when a user controls a software application or hardware device.
                      1. An inteface the user to interact with the software or hardware in a natural way.
                      2. Performing basic computer tasks
                        1. You can perform many computer skills for example, Installing programmes or creating shortcuts
                          1. An example: Changing the color scheme on the Desktop, Right-click on an empty part of the Desktop and choose 'properties' from the menu. Click on 'appearance' tab. Play around till you find something you like.
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