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investigate what are the min functions of an operating system


operating systems main functions
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investigate what are the min functions of an operating system
  1. Booting is a startup sequence that starts the operating system of a computer when it is turned on. A boot sequence is the initial set of operations that the computer performs when it is switched on. Every computer has a boot sequence.
    1. The operating system performs basic computer tasks, such as managing the various peripheral devices such as the mouse, keyboard and printers. For example, most operating systems now are plug and play which means a device such as a printer will automatically be detected and configured without any user intervention
    2. The program is called an operating system, There are different kinds of operating systems: such as Windows, Linux and Mac OS There are also different versions of these operating systems, e.g. Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating systems can be used with different user interfaces : text user interfaces and graphical user interfaces as examples Graphical user interfaces have many similarities in different operating systems: such as the start menu, desktop etc. When you can recognize the typical parts of each operating system’s user interface, you will mostly be able to use both Windows and Linux as well as e.g. Mac OS.
      1. The operating system also handles system resources such as the computer's memory and sharing of the central processing unit time by various applications or peripheral devices. Programs and input methods are constantly competing for the attention of the CPU and demand memory, storage and input/output bandwidth. The operating system ensures that each application gets the necessary resources it needs in order to maximise the functionality of the overall system.
        1. A file manager or file browser is a computer program that provides a user interface to manage files and folders. The most common operations performed on files or groups of files include creating, opening
          1. Your computer would stop working without an operating system
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