Unit 4 notes

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Unit 4 notes

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Unit 4 notes
  1. Field note
    1. Tata corp plays econ role in India
      1. owned by small ethnic group: Parsi
        1. Parsi numbers decreasing because of traditions
          1. struggle to maintain culture in global world
      2. Pop culture diffuses across world
        1. Harder for local culture to persist
      3. How are local and popular cultures sustained?
        1. culture: a group of belief systems, norm, and values practiced by a people
          1. folk/local: small/rural, homogeneous pop
            1. hard to define, defined by group themselves
              1. rely on religion/family strutcure/ lack of interaction to preserve
              2. Popular: heterogeneous pop, urban, changing
                1. global, rapidly changing
                  1. diffusion through marketing and transportation
                    1. fashion trends
                      1. hierarchical diffusion
                  2. material culture: physical things like art or food
                    1. nonmaterial culture: beliefs or pratices
                  3. How are local cultures sustained?
                    1. Assimilation: change to another culture, forced or not
                      1. American Indians
                      2. Sustained through customs
                        1. Custom: practice a group follows
                          1. LC seeks to keep their culture in and others out
                            1. cultural appropriation: adopting customs for own use
                          2. Rural local cultures
                            1. Easier to maintain LC by isolation
                              1. Hutterites, Amish, Mennonites
                              2. Makah american Indians reinstated tradition of whale hunting
                                1. Faced protests, federal court, and regualtion
                              3. Urban local cultures
                                1. ethnic neighborhoods
                                  1. celebrations like feast of Italian saints
                                    1. Places of worship, stores, and food
                                  2. commodification: name or idea becomes object to be sold
                                    1. LC food or clothing by selves or others
                                    2. Authenticity of places
                                      1. Authenticity: feeling of a place
                                        1. complex
                                          1. Guinness Pubs capitalize on this feeling
                                      2. How is popular culture diffused?
                                        1. Pace of diffusion very short and reaching farther
                                          1. facebook and Xiaonei
                                            1. distance decay no longer linear now use time-space compression
                                            2. Hearths
                                              1. Dave Mathew's band
                                                1. MTV spreads pop culture
                                                  1. Innovators/ trendsetters
                                                  2. Hip Hop
                                                    1. started in neighborhoods in LA and NY before spreading across the world taking on new iterations based on local culture
                                                    2. Old big sports (basketball, baseball, and football) face competetion with new sports like skateboarding using tv
                                                      1. Sports have their own market of masculine things to advertise
                                                        1. MMA spreading into other cultures
                                                      2. Spreading of pop culture can feel like assimilation to Local cultures
                                                        1. World more connected - american movies in Korea
                                                      3. How can local and popular cultures be seen in the cultural landscape
                                                        1. tension between local and pop culture can be seen in cultural landscape
                                                          1. cultural landscape: visible imprint of human activity on the landscape
                                                            1. Placelessness: loss of uniqueness of a place
                                                            2. Skyscrapers are global and a sign of good economic state
                                                              1. Fast food chains are also global
                                                              2. Borrowing of idealized landscapes
                                                                1. Venetian hotel and casino in Vegas
                                                                2. global-local continuum: what happens at one scale is not independent of what happens on other scales
                                                                  1. Local changes national and global ideas to their liking: called glocalization
                                                                  2. Variety in cultural landscape is caused by local culture
                                                                    1. Mormon settlers in the west changed how cities and farms looked there
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