Tectonic Plates

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Tectonic Plates
1 Earth's Surface
1.1 Inner Core
1.1.1 Centre. Hottest part of Earth. Solid + made up of iron + nickel with temps up to 5,500°C.
1.2 Outer Core
1.2.1 Layer surrounding inner core. Liquid layer, also made of iron + nickel. Extremely hot, with temps similar to inner core.
1.3 Mantle
1.3.1 Widest section of Earth. Thickness approximately 2,900 km. Made up of semi-molten rock - magma. Upper parts of mantle, rock is hard - lower down, rock is soft + beginning to melt.
1.4 Crust
1.4.1 Outer layer of earth. Thin layer, between 0-60 km thick. Solid rock layer where we live.
1.5 Tectonic Plates
1.5.1 Crust - divided into lots of slabs - float on the mantle.
1.5.2 Continental Crust Carries land. Thicker + less dense than oceanic crust.
1.5.3 Oceanic Crust Carries water. Thinner + more dense than continental crust. Ocean Trenches Very deep sections of ocean floor where oceanic plate goes down.
1.6 Plate Margins
1.6.1 Places where plates meet.
2 Plate Margins
2.1 Destructive Margins
2.1.1 Where 2 plates are moving towards each other, e.g. along coast of Japan.
2.1.2 1. Oceanic meets continental plate. 2. Denser oceanic plate forced down into mantle + destroyed. 3. Often creates volcanoes + ocean trenches.
2.2 Constructive Margins
2.2.1 Where 2 plates are moving away from each other e.g. at mid-Atlantic ridge.
2.2.2 Magma rises from mantle to fill gap + cools, creating new crust.
2.3 Conservative Margins
2.3.1 Where 2 plates are moving sideways past each other or moving in same direction at different speeds e.g. along west coast of USA.
2.3.2 Crust isn't created or destroyed.

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