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Revising my knowledge of counting in order to teach KS! and KS2 children

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1 KS2
1.1 Moving away from counting on towards using the 4 number operations
1.2 Can count on and back in 10's and 100's from any 2/3 digit number
1.3 Can recognise and continue number sequences
2 KS1
2.1 Can count to 20, building on knowledge from EYFS
2.1.1 Will gradually work up to 100 and beyond
2.2 Recognises that the number of objects stays the same when rearranged
2.2.1 Piaget's theory of object permenence
2.3 Can use different resources to count on and back with
2.3.1 100 square
2.3.2 Number line
2.3.3 Multi link
3.1 Can count to 20
3.1.1 Can place numbers in order
3.2 Can say what is one more or less than a number
3.3 Can solve simple problems by counting on or back
3.4 Recognise numbers and use number
3.4.1 Use counting in play
4 My knowledge and understanding
4.1 Stable Order Priniple
4.1.1 Each counting word must be said in the same place of the sequence every time we count eg. 1,2,3,4,5 Refers to a position in relation to something else
4.2 Counting 1-1 principle
4.2.1 Each item counted needs a unique number
4.3 Abstraction Principle
4.3.1 Anything can be counted eg. pencils, apples, people...
4.4 Cardinal Principle
4.4.1 The last number said is the number of items counted Refers to a number of objects
4.5 Irrelevence principle
4.5.1 Items can be counted in any order, the number will always be the same
4.6 Measure
4.6.1 Tells us how many units there are of a particular quantity
4.7 Definitions
4.7.1 Sequential counting
4.7.2 Symbolic 1 2 3 4 5
4.7.3 Non-numerical (label) eg. car reg, football shirt

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