Geography Population - The Dilemma

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Geography Population - The Dilemma

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Geography Population - The Dilemma
  1. What is the Dilemma?
    1. The dilemma facing supporters of the concept of sustainability is that developed countries continue to demand resources for their their populations in increasing amounts, while less developed countries are supplying the resources that make the developed countries more affluent.
      1. Now, the rapidly increasing countries, such as India and China, are demanding more resources for themselves
    2. Solutions to the Dilemma?
      1. Supporters of sustainability believe that in order to satisfy this dilemma a number of over-riding supra-national policies should come in to force:
        1. What is a supra-national policy?
          1. A supra national policy is a policy set up by a multinational political union, where negotiated power is delegated to an authority by governments of member states, an example of this is would be the European Union.
          2. States should support an open economic system.
            1. Trade policies should not involve arbitrator unjustifiable discrimination.
              1. Unilateral actions to address issues should give way to international consensus
                1. The environmental and natural resources of people under oppression, domination and occupation should be protected.
                  1. National authorities should endeavour to promote the internationalisation of environmental costs, taking into account that the polluter should pay
                    1. For any of these schemes to work, political principles need to be agreed at future global summits. Given the current political situation, this looks unlikely
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