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Sab8#14:_Process Groups


Mind Map on Sab8#14:_Process Groups, created by Flavio Estrada M on 11/19/2015.
Flavio Estrada M
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Flavio Estrada M
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Sab8#14:_Process Groups
  1. Monitoring & Controlling
    1. Control Scope
      1. Monitor and control project work
        1. Control Schedule
          1. Keeping an eye on evrething. Check consistency, keep an eye to the oven, the temperature
            1. PM Responsible
            2. Closing
              1. Close project or phase
                1. Making sure you get paid, and making sure you get to eat good food
                  1. PM Responsible
                  2. Initiating
                    1. Identify Stakeholders
                      1. Develop a Project Charter
                        1. You initiate your project- researching and deciding what you are going to build to fullfit the project's need
                          1. PM Responsible
                          2. Planning
                            1. Develop Project Managemet Plan
                              1. Plan Quality Management
                                1. Estimate activity durationws
                                  1. Identify Risks
                                    1. You deterrmine what ingredients you already have, and which ones you still need
                                      1. you will figure out where to get those ingredients and think about they will cost
                                      2. Subsidiary plans
                                        1. PM Accountable
                                        2. Executing
                                          1. Direct and manage project work
                                            1. Manage communications
                                              1. You actually mix the ingredients put the dough on a cookie sheet, pop the sheet into the oven
                                                1. Manage resources
                                                  1. PM Accountable
                                                  2. NEEDS
                                                    1. This is where you figure out what is you need
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