Unit 10

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Unit 10
  1. Talking hypothetically about the past
    1. You can use sentences with if to talk hypothetically about the past
      1. Use the past perfect form in the if clause and a past modal in the main clause
      2. Example: What would have happened if he had stayed in school
        1. Maybe he would have done something entirely different
          1. If Watson had stayed in school
      3. Tag questions
        1. Are statements followed by short questions in the same tense, called "tags"
          1. affirmative statement + negative tag Its amazing, isn´t it?
            1. Negative statement+affiermative tag It´s not easy to become famous, is it?
              1. Agree She won the talent show, didn't she? Yes she did
                1. Answer no to agree That was´t too smart, was it No it wasn't
              2. Vocabulary
                1. Up-and-coming,making headlines,got,career,gone downhill, dropped out of sight
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