Nature of Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq

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Nice Mind Map to understand Hussein's rule in Iraq

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Nature of Saddam Hussein's rule in Iraq
  1. Positions
    1. President
      1. Chairman of RCC
        1. Prime Minister
          1. Commander-in-Chief of armed forces
            1. Ruled as dictator
            2. Purges and terror
              1. Dealing with opponents
                1. Unquestioned mastery
                  1. hundrets executed
                2. Meeting with Ba'ath party
                  1. Naming of 66 persons
                    1. killed and prison
                  2. Arresting, torture etc. became normal under his rule
                  3. Waging war on his own people
                    1. Wants to unify Iraq
                      1. Kurds
                        1. Campaigns against them
                          1. Concentration camps
                            1. Killed many
                            2. Want independence
                            3. Shiites
                              1. Human shields against tanks
                                1. Hostile asainst regime
                                  1. Executed and arrested
                              2. Personality cult
                                1. Realised that dictatorship not popular
                                  1. Wants to improve image of him
                                  2. Photos and films of him
                                    1. To picture him better
                                      1. Hang out in streets
                                      2. Visiting homes of people
                                        1. Doubles to appear more often
                                        2. Modernisation
                                          1. Oil nationalisation
                                            1. Finances improve
                                            2. Carrying out economy, social facilities and institutions
                                              1. Support from Iraqi people
                                                1. Had to suffer because war was expensive
                                              2. Military expansion
                                                1. Builds military power from oil revenues
                                                  1. Buys weapons
                                                    1. Tanks, bombers etc.
                                                      1. Biological, chemical and nuclear weapons too
                                                    2. Totalitarianism
                                                      1. Absolute power in Iraq
                                                        1. Control over social, economic and political life
                                                        2. Children already introduced to Baath ideas and leader
                                                          1. A lot Censorship
                                                            1. All production for needs of state
                                                              1. Membership of Baath important (essential)
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