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Existing apps


Naomi Dann
Mind Map by Naomi Dann, updated more than 1 year ago
Naomi Dann
Created by Naomi Dann over 6 years ago

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Existing apps
  1. Stylitics
    1. Can't view style profile
      1. Comes with today's in fashion history so you can use tips
        1. Colour coordinate outfits on app
          1. Organise by colour,brand,pattern etc...
        2. Walk in my closet
          1. Combines shopping and organisation
            1. You can add items into your virtual closet
              1. Share your closet with others and sell things you no longer want
              2. Closet
                1. Catagorize outfits
                  1. No social interations
                    1. Keeps you up to date with what you've already worn
                      1. Digital wardrobe
                      2. Pose
                        1. Includes things you wish to buy and what you already own
                          1. Follow your favourite retailers about sales
                            1. Fill out personal survey
                              1. Easy for a indecisive shopper
                                1. Take a photo of your outfit and share with other
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