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SAB8#18 Monitoring and Control Process


Mind Map on SAB8#18 Monitoring and Control Process, created by Alfonso Hernandez on 11/20/2015.
Alfonso Hernandez
Mind Map by Alfonso Hernandez, updated more than 1 year ago
Alfonso Hernandez
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SAB8#18 Monitoring and Control Process


  • The pure is to ensure that project objetives are met by monitoring an measuring progress and taking corrective actions when necessary
  1. Request change, including recommend corrective and preventive actions and defect repair, from all sources
    1. Work performance data
      1. Deliverables
        1. Project initiating to review the project charter
          1. Project executing to repair defects and implement approved changes, including corrective or preventive actions.
            1. Project closing if the project is completed or teminated
              1. Control Scope
                1. Control Schedule
                  1. Control Cost
                    1. Control Quality
                      1. Control Communication
                        1. Control Risks
                          1. Control Stakeholders Engagement
                            1. Control Procurement
                              1. Perform Integrated Change Control
                                1. Monitor and Control Project Work
                                  1. Validate Scope
                                    1. PM RESPONSABLE
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