Fury Poster

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fury media poster

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Fury Poster
  1. Image: The Mid-shot of Brad Pitt is in the fore-ground along with the title painted on the tank take up halve of the poster. The background also takes up half of the shot. This connotes that the story is action and war- drama because of the tank and the grey sky
    1. Image: The shot angle is from a lower point showing he is a dominant character
      1. Image: The facial expression is solum and unexpressional this connotes sadness and fear.
        1. Image: The costume is from the WW2 period connoting that the film is too.
          1. Image: The body language of a lowered head covers the neck with the chin and hence can be a defensive posture that can occur as a result of any perceived that
            1. Image: They use Brad Pitt's face for his star power
              1. Text: Font is the writing on the tank. Also Brad Pitt's name is in contrasting white to the background.
                1. Text: The text is atypically at the bottom of the poster.
                  1. Colour: The Pallete is grey to green all very dark colours that connote death plus violence
                    1. Colour: The title colour contrasts with the grey pallete to stand out.
                      1. Colour: Green is a generic colour of war as all uniforms were green
                        1. Typical conventions: Release date November near christmas holiday
                          1. Typical conventions: Facebook connection and distribution logo bottom right.
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