Equipment List

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Equipment List for Music Video

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Equipment List
  1. Canon Camcorder
    1. We will be using this to shoot our footage. This is one of the most important pieces of equipment and will be used throughout all stages of the filming process.
    2. Digital Camera
      1. This will be used throughout the shoot to get stills, this will be used for our location photos and also to get stills for our digipak and magazine advert. It is a important piece of equipment.
      2. San Disk 16GB Memory Card
        1. The memory card is also one of the most important pieces of equipment, it is essential when we are filming. We chose one with a large capacity so that we can use it for both footage and our stills. It is suitable for both the camcorder and digital camera.
        2. Tripod
          1. This will be used throughout filming, it will be used to make sure that our shots not shaky, making the footage useable.
          2. Fire making Props
            1. Used within Narrative elements of the video, will need to be careful when creating the fire.
            2. Rig Mount
              1. This will be used when filming to make our panning shots and hand held shots smooth, creating more useable footage.
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