Proposed Celebrities

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Proposed Celebrities
1 Emma Roberts as the girl in the state.
1.1 She would be good as the girl in the state because I think that she suits the image really well. Also because the past movies she has acted in have been quite successful.
2 Ed Westwick as the psychiatrist
2.1 We feel like he has the appropriate 'look' for the position.
3 Blake Lively as the girl in the past
4 Robert Pattinson as the psychiatrist
4.1 He would be good for this movie because the previous movies that he has been in involved some sort of science fiction.
5 Charles Michael Davis as the psychiatrist
5.1 He would be appropriate for our movie because he is a 'current' actor therefore the audience would be able to recognise him. He has also been involved in successful series. It would also be good to have diversity in the movie.
6 Will Smith as the psychiatrist
6.1 Will Smith is a well known actor and the target audience would know who he is. This might also brig a good name to the movie because he I well known of being in good movies.
7 Keke Palmer as the girl in the past.
7.1 Keke Palmer has previously acted in movies that involve some dark scenes. Therefore she will have some sort of experience in that type of genre.
8 Ariana Grande as the girl in the state
9 Mia Talerico as the young girl
9.1 She would be good for this because she is the only child actress that I feel is the most capable of doing those scenes.
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