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  1. Uniqueness and freedom
    1. No God, no morals
      1. Behaving unauthentically = bad faith
        1. Kiekegaard
          1. Father of existentialism
            1. If you follow your telos you loose individuality
              1. Subjectivity is the truth
                1. The crowd is untruth
                2. de Beauvoir
                  1. Woman is the other
                    1. Woman are seen as objects
                      1. "The second sex"
                        1. The intervention of someone else can establish an individual as other
                        2. Jean Paul Sartre
                          1. Existence precedes essence
                            1. No preconceived definition for anybody
                              1. Man exists, encounters himself, surges and then defines itself.
                                1. We can be whatever we want
                                  1. If we let someone influence us we are practicing bad faith
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