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Mind map of Justinian's accomplishments

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  1. Theodora
    1. Justinian married her and appointed her his co-emperor
      1. Convinced Justinian to stay and fight the rebels
      2. Ruled around 527 CE
        1. Unpopular among his people
          1. Outlawed adultery, gambling
            1. High taxes
              1. Outlawed heresies
                1. Tried to make everyone the same
                2. Tried to legislate morality
                3. Massacred Blues and Greens rebels in Hippodrome
                  1. Rebels had burned 1/3 of the city in riots
                  2. Most famous for ordering the writing of Justinian's Code, changing confusing laws. Basis of legal codes in Europe today.
                    1. Sent military campaigns
                      1. North Africa
                        1. Italy
                          1. Spain
                            1. Building
                              1. Repaired many existing buildings
                                1. Built baths, aqueducts, law courts, schools, and hospitals
                                  1. Churches like Hagia Sophia
                                    1. Procopius
                                      1. Official court historian
                                        1. Spoke favorably of Justinian in the court records
                                          1. The Secret History
                                            1. Revealed Justinian was a strict, hypocritical, bad ruler
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