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Core skills and soft skills


Core skills and softskills of an architect
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Core skills and soft skills
  1. Definition
    1. Core Skills are integrated through organizational learning processes and are coordinated collectively through the use of technlogies, know-how, processes and attitude.
      1. Soft skills are several behaviours that help people work and socialize well with other.
      2. What skills does an architect needs?
        1. Core
          1. Design talent
            1. This is essential for an architect because is everything. Enterprises look for talented architects that can develop an innovative construction with high quaity aesthetic and manufacturing.
            2. Engineering ability
              1. Mathematical calculations in the development of an architectural project are essential. By not applying the engineering skill contruction could not be developed well done.
              2. Business aptitude
                1. It is important to have a business aptitude because in some way you are an entrepeneur an at some time you may have to develop your own brand.Having a business aptitude will help you to do this in order to create your own business or company.
                2. Big picture thinking
                  1. When having a problem it is important to have a wider picture of the situation in order to find an effective solution in a faster way. So applying big picture thinking will provide altern solutions and also better instead of a close or small picture where yo won't be fast and effective.
                  2. Creativity
                    1. Creativity allows us to create and invent new things. So creativity is also essential for architects because we can create new innovative projects and develop in a psycologic and professional way.
                    2. Assertiveness
                      1. Assertiveness is something that everybody should develop and built. We have to be mature and be capable to work with different situations every day.
                      2. Legal knowledge
                        1. Having legal knowledge as an architect is one of the post important skills. It is necessary to know regulation and laws , this way you won't do something illegal that can risk your carreer.
                      3. Soft
                        1. Presentation skills
                          1. It is important to know how to present your ideas and your projecto in order to sell it.
                          2. Communication
                            1. Be a good communicator is essential for everybody because you need to stablish relations and express yourself.
                            2. Networking
                              1. With this you can build a network of contacts and relationships that facilitate your growth. Also it is a professional network to share experiences, collaborate and learn from each other.
                          3. What type of courses I could take to improve or gain these skills?
                            1. Creative Problem solving in the University of Minnesota
                              1. It focuses on divergent thinking, the ability to develop multiple ideas and concepts to solve problems. It will challenge you to move outside of your existing comfort zone and to recognize the value of that exploration.
                              2. Understand design in Arizona State University
                                1. This course will help me to understand concepts such as creative thinking, design strategy, design research, design and process to apply them at work.
                                2. Entrepreneurial spirit and the skills of the entrepreneur in the State University of Campinas
                                  1. Students will have the opportunity to understand what are the skills and competencies that the entrepreneur must create and develop to undertake a new venture. Entrepreneurs invited participate in the classes, counting and discussing their entrepreneurial experiences, articulated the concepts and current practices.
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